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Armor comes in several types; parts, section, and full-body. For different types of armory, not all types are available.

Convention: VP stands for Vibration Penetration and TP stands for Total Penetration. See the "Rules" section for details.

Chain Mail

Chain mail armor is made up of tiny rings linked together. It is much more flexible and convenient to wear, compared to a plate mail armor. A full-body chain mail armor comes in two parts: the upper-body portion and the lower-body portion. The upper-body portion is available with sleeves or without sleeves. The lower-body portion has several styles: short, long, and skirt.

Damage:               35 daDP.
Penetration rating:   VP = 14, TP = 16.


Basic clothing is generally not considered as an armor type. Nevertheless, it does offer some protection.

Damage:               15 DP.
Penetration rating:   VP = 3, TP = 4.


For fashion conscious adventurers, the leather armor is the way to go. Leather armor is the most flexible type of armor. It is much like clothing, but way tougher.

Damage:               100 DP
Penetration rating:   VP = 10, TP = 12.

Plate Mail

Plate mail armor comes in parts, scale, and full-body.

Plate mail parts are totally separate pieces, where there are uncovered sections of the body and uncovered joints. Plate mail armor that comes in unconnected parts give the least protection. Following parts are available: body, gauntlet, lower-arm, lower-arm with elbow guard, lower-leg, lower-leg with knee guard, shoulder, upper-arm, upper-leg.

Scale plate is like full-body armor, except small pieces of plates are attached to cloth or leather, overlapping each other. These offer protections in all parts of the body while keeping the armor flexible, but are weaker compared to full-body plate. Scale plate requires a strength of 5 to wear.

Full-body plate is the strongest of them all. It offers the most protection. However, it is inconvenient and hard to wear. It requires a strength of 11 or higher.

Damage:               parts: 45 daDP;
                      scale: 40 daDP;
                      full-body: 50 daDP.
Penetration rating:   parts: VP = 18, TP = 20;
                      scale: VP = 16, TP = 17;
                      full-body: VP = 18, TP = 20.

Plate armor type compared to strength, results in action penalty chart:

	    5-8     9-12    13-16   17-20
Scale        -3      -2       -1       0
Full-body    *       -3**     -2      -1

*    Requires a strength of 11.
**   -3 for anyone with a strength of 11 or 12.
     Any strength below that can not use the armor.


Helmet is used to protect the head. There are leather and metal (plate mail) helmets. In addition to the material, helmet styles are also important. These include helmets that cover the whole head and face, like the onces used by knights, or helmets that only cover the top of the head. Special gladiator's metal helmet includes armor for the shoulders.

Leather Helmet

Damage:               100 DP
Penetration rating:   VP = 10, TP = 12.

Plate Mail Helmet

Damage:               40 daDP
Penetration rating:   VP = 18, TP = 20.


Shield comes in two types, buckler (held at arm's length) or target (fastened to the arm).


Wooden shields are the most common shield available. They are cheap, light, and practical. Available in all shapes and all types. Add a bit to the price, and you can cover it with animal hide. The animal hide makes the shield stronger.

Damage:               20 daDP (200 DP).
  with animal hide:   30 daDP (300 DP).
Penetration rating:   VP = 12, TP = 13.
  with animal hide:   VP = 14, TP = 15.


Metal shields are more expensive, compared to wooden shields, and are generally heavier. Compared to wooden shields, they are strong and harder to penetrate. Carrying a metal shield requires 11 or higher on strength and -1 to action if the character's strength is below 13.

Damage:               45 daDP
Penetration rating:   VP = 19, TP = 20.