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Welcome to PowerQuest, the fantasy gaming system designed specifically for use by online Game Masters and players. PowerQuest is a flexible system, allowing nearly any imaginable campaign to be run, and giving greater freedom of character design to players, while maintaining a balance of power with the game world. Due to the problems inherent in online gaming, the number of dice rolls and tables has been decreased in this system, speeding the game considerably while still keeping an element of chance, for greater realism.

You can play PowerQuest as a stand-alone role-playing game. Or use PowerQuest as a Cyno's Role-Play supplement.

The following sections will describe the PowerQuest game world, fundamental aspects of play, how to design a character, and provide instructions on running a game.

World Guide

The following is an introduction to the PowerQuest world of Arin, its history, population, major cities, villages, castles, and ruins. This guide is not intended as a description of the entire realm of Arin, but rather an overview of the continent upon which humanity has established a civilization. The realm of Arin is, however, infinite in area; feel free to design other continents, islands, and centers of population.

Player Guide

Game Master Guide

This guide is designed to provide a swift and easy introduction to the PowerQuest gaming system, its procedures, and how to run a game using it. The following sections will guide you through recruiting players, setting a weekly game time, pre-game organization, structured and unstructured game play modes, and helpful hints on making games interesting, fun to play and run.

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