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This web page is dedicated to fantasy role-playing games. We have an entirely separate web site dedicated to modern and science fiction RPG. Be sure to check out or for all modern and SciFi role-playing supplements and scenarios.

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Rule Book
The core rule book allows you to create and play any kind of RPG in your imagination. It also has board-gaming rules to help you turn any RPG into a table-top game.


Supplements are source books containing background history, magical items, and pre-made characters, for your RPG adventure campaign. Using these Supplements, you can build any RPG adventure imaginable. For ready-to-run adventures, see the Scenarios section below

Cyno's Fantasy
Like wizards, warriors, dragons, and fairies? This supplement provides the additional resource for you to bring the fantasy realm into your RPG campaign.
PowerQuest is a simplified role-playing gaming system designed for online play. It can be played stand-alone or as a supplement to Cyno's Role-Play.


These scenarios take advantage of the worlds that are built, in the Supplement section above, and provide ready-to-run adventures for your RPG. Feel free to run these adventures as-is or incorporate them into your own campaign.

Mystical Dungeon
A twisted adventure on Halloween night. You thought you are out to fill your treasure bag with sweet treats. But you end up getting more than you bargained for.
Silent Kingdom
The Kingdom of Fifty Reeds has been under a silence spell for the past ten years. Now a rare plant might help the kingdom lift this curse. Will the player characters be able to deliver the secret of the plant safely?


Character Sheets

(From other systems to Cyno's Role-Play.)
Cyno's Dice
Roll arbitrary number of sides and arbitrary number of dice online. Results can be shared instantly with your friends. Great for playing role-playing games over the Internet.
Character Generator
Generate PC and NPC quickly and easily for your fantasy or science fiction adventure. No need to worry about mental blocks ever.
Character Leveler
Level a PC or NPC easily with this tool.
Miniatures for the Cyno's Role-Play fantasy universe is now available in our EveryThang3D shop.
Name Generator
Generate character names for your fantasy or science fiction adventure. Never have a mental block again.

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