Cyno's Role-Play
A universal game of imagination. This traditional pencil-and-paper RPG is comprehensive in rules and in expansions. You can build fantasy, modern, or science fiction campaigns with it. Be sure to try some of our pre-built adventures as well.
Make Your Own Adventures
"Make Your Own Adventures" is a series of stories, where you can choose the path of the characters and play different outcomes. You can even create your own path. The game could be never-ending. Or it can come to multiple conclusions. You decide.

Single Player Online Fantasy Adventures

These adventure games will start directly from your browser. You can run and play them from anywhere in the world.

The Little Witch Game
The bakar-kar-pode wizard has captured the little wizard. He is also turning the the land evil and turning the creatures into monsters. You are a little witch in training in the kingdom of Terr-Luz. Can you save the little wizard and stop the evil wizard? Save the kingdom in this free online game.
Tyrant - The Adventure
Be a hero in this adventure, fight against a fearsome array of monsters and fiendish puzzle to gain fame and fortune. Remember "Rogue" or "Ultima" adventures on your computer? This free online RPG is similar in style.