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Birth of the Necromancer (Omex)

It's that time of the year where grass fields covered with yellow maple leaves. A time where you don't have to wear long sleeves. But if you do, you'd feel the warmth of cuddling in your bed. Most travelers stick to one well worn path, avoid destroying the beautiful scenaries created by the maple trees.

Omex is no exception. Omex is on his way home, skipping and hopping, avoiding any uncrushed maple leaves in a joyful way. He is only a mile away from home and and he could already smell the subtle aroma of his wife's perfume. His wife, Ului, is a beautiful woman with a petite, curvy figure. Even after giving birth to their adorable baby daughter, Eodla, three months ago, she is able to maintain her girly figure. And that newborn baby smell is so refreshing and irresistable. Before leaving on this trip, Omex kisses and kisses and kisses her baby cheek to no ends.

Standing in front of their home, Omex tidies up his shirt. He wants to burst in and surprice Ului and Eodla. But he hears a faint sob inside. So he bursts through the door for a different reason. There is no one in the living room. He runs through the hallway, into the master bedroom. Ului sits on the side of their bed, next to the crib. She looks up at her husband. Her eyes are bloodshot red. Her face is soggy from tears. She must have weeped for hours.

Omex looks at her and then at the crib. The crib is empty. His heart rate is beating quickly like a speeding train. He wants to scream out for an answer. But he knows that it would just make things worse. He sits down next to her and held her in his arm. She cuddles into his neck and sobs histerically. "What's wrong?" He whispers softly. "Is it Eodla?" Ului slowly nods. "Eodla is dead."

They buried Eodla under the willow tree, up on the hills, behind the town. Everyone from the town attended the funeral, which started at noon. The last attendee left at five in the afternoon. Leaving Ului and Omex in front of the grave. Ului stood behind her husband's left shoulder blade. He is kneeling in front of the grave. His head tilted forward, looking straight down. Ului put her hand on Omex's shoulder blade and said, "She's gone. Let her go." She turned around and started down the hill. He stayed a few second longer and whispered to the grave, "Not if daddy can help it. Daddy's coming back for you."

Age: 26
Education: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7"
Race: Human
Weight: 147 lbs.

Beauty: 9
Chrisma: 14
Coordination: 13
Endurance: 10
Health: 14
Intelligence: 13
Luck: 7
Reflex: 14
Power: 16
Speed: 14
Strength: 11
Stress: 9
Wisdom: 15
Damage Point: 10
Power Point: 16

Skill Points: 364
Spell Points: 160