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Lullaby is a simple melody that puts kids to sleep. But higher level bards has been successfully using it on adults. In none combat situations, the target character falls asleep for 1D4 hour. During combat, the struggle is too noisy therefore, The sleep effect only lasts 1D6 rounds. Action: 5. Power: 10. Range: 5 feet without an instrument; 30 feet with an instrument. Target: 1 child per bard level, when beard is between level 1 and level 5. 1 character per bard level after reaching level 6.

Song of Love

A romantic melody combined with a lovely voice will put many in the mood for love. A musical instrument is required for this song. Action: 1 per round. Power: 1 per round. Range: 20 feet. Target: bard level is the number of characters.

Song of Valor

This song is a moral booster for the party. While this song is being sing, party members gains attack +1, dodge +1, and parry +1. Spcll check must be performed at the beginning of every round. Action: 2 per round. Power: 1 per round. Range: 10 feet voice only; 30 feet with an instrument. Target: bard level is the number of party members effected.

Chord of Magical Shield

Using a musical instrument, the bard can play a chord (three or more musical tones sounded simultaneously) that creates a magical shield to block an attack. Action: 1. Power: 3.

Skeletal Army Symphony

Summons 5D4 skeleton phantom spirits to attack enemy party. The skeleton phantom will each make a physical attack before vanishing into thin air. The physical attack can be dodged and parried. The skeleton phantoms can not be hit with physical weapons. Action: 6. Power: 50. Range: 100 feet. Target: 1 party.

Sound of Flying Dagger

The sound of flying dagger is a really beautiful piece of work. Each musical note is a flying dagger, directed at any target. It is rare that any one has ever heard the complete melody, because few could still stand for more than a few rounds after being targeted. A musical instrument is required for this melody. Although the daggers are musical notes, they can be dodged and parried like physicial daggers. Action: 1 per note. Damage: 1D4 per flying dagger. Power: 5 per note. Range: 50 feet.