Cyno's Role-Play: Supplements: Cyno's Fantasy: Magic Spells


Fire Storm - Creates a fire storm around the caster, causing damaging to everything withing a 60 feet radius. Effect: 6d6 points of damage; Range: 60 feet; Target: all; Power: 20.

Healing - More potent than the Lesser Heal spell, this enchantment can set broken bones and stop internal bleeding. Effect: 1d6 points; Range: touch; Target: 1 character; Power: 3.

Holy Aim - Sheds divine light on a character, and guides a righteous person in smiting the foes. Effect: +2 to hit; Range: 10 feet; Target: 1 character; Duration: 30 minutes; Power: 5.

Holy Water - Holy water sprays from the caster's fingers, inflicting 6 to 24 points of damage on any foe of evil or supernatural origin. Effect: 6d4 damage points; Target: 1 foe; Range: 10 feet; Power: 4.

Radiance - A light spell that make the caster glow. Range: 40 feet. Power: 1 points per hour. Target: Self.

Sun Stroke - Shock the enemy with this spell. Effect: 1d8 x power points; Range: 20 feet; Target: 1 foe; Power: 8 plus additional for damage.

Swift - Improves the reflex of a single character. Effect: +8 to reflex; Range: 10 feet; Target: 1 character; Duration: 1d2 x 10 minutes; Power: 5.

Word of Healing - Heals a member from 4 to 16 points of damage. Effect: heals 4d4 points; Power: 4.

Rest in Peace - Rest in peace is a blessing given at funerals. This spell provices peace to those that have moved on from their lives. In addition, this spell is able to return undead creatures to their inanimated state. Action: 5 Cost: 20 power points Range: 20 feet Target: One corpse or one undead creature