Cyno's Role-Play: Scenarios

Mystical Dungeon

It's a scary Halloween night in the fantasy realm. All the kids are out trick or treating through the town. Candies, commotions, and festivities are everywhere. During this time of joy and play, our heroes confront a dark mysterious force.

Mystical Dungeon is an fantasy adventure module based on Cyno's Role-Play, the universal role-playing game. The Cyno's Fantasy supplement, for Cyno's Role-Play, is required to play.

Unlike other role-playing modules, Mystical Dungeon is randomly generated. You can run it as a basic RPG. Or you can apply the board-gaming rules to turn it into a board game for all players. The story progresses as the players learn their way through the ever changing dungeon. Since the dungeon is randomly generated, it is even possible for the game master to get in on the fun.

The Adventure Begins . . .

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