Cyno's Role-Play: Scenarios: Mystical Dungeon

For the Players

On a cloudy, full-moon, Halloween night, your town is filled with cheerfulness. Childrens are all over the cobblestone streets and back alleys looking for sugar treats or ways to do evil deeds. Most shops are still open, passing out candies, and hoping to cash in on the festivity. The yellowish candle lights illuminate the moist cobblestone with a sliver of warmth. The wind is blowing, moving the dark rolling clouds in the sky.

And all that is just perfect for you and your company of friends. You all just want to be out, having fun along with the mischieves children. So there you go, down the street, window shopping at all the Halloween decorations.

In front of your crowd are three children in monster costumes. They have pillowcases in hand. While your friends are window shopping, you watched the children stop in front of a sign by a door. The children read the sign and try the door knob. But the knob and the door wouldn't budge. As your crowd moves closer, the children see you and decide to move on.

At the door, you see a door with a sign outside. Above the door, the title, "Mystical Dungeon" is engraved into the redwood. You wonder what kind of shoppe it is. Perhaps a shoppe that specializes in Halloween decor. On the sign, by the door, you see the following message:

Welcome, trickers or treaters.
Enter for treasures and pleasures.
No one leaves without the sweet treats.
Careful to avoid your own demise.

You thought that is strange. The sign asks you to enter, yet the children couldn't open the door. On impulse, you try the door knob, which turns easily. You push the door and it becomes ajar. What do you and your friends do?

If you are a player, do not read pass this point; it'll spoil the story. But if you are the game master, read on.