Cyno's Role-Play: Scenarios: Mystical Dungeon

Host Lair

The host lair is the final room of the adventure, but it is not the end of the game. The playing characters still have to get out of the dungeon alive. When the players enter this room, read the following to them.

When you enter this room, you realized that you've made a break through. This room is brightly lit all around, unlike the rest of the dungeon. You can see quite clearly. This room is quite grand and well declorated. It is the size of a large dining hall, about one hundred feet by one hundred feet. There are red drapes all around. A strip of red carpet goes from the entry way to the center of the room. In the center of the room is a skeleton sitting on the throne. The skeleton is dressed in high quality blue velvet. Although the soul and the flesh of the skeleton has long passed on, the blue velvet clothing still looks brand new.

At this point, ask the players what they want to do. When the players gets closer to examine the skeleton, read the following passage to them.

As you come closer to the skeleton, you see that it is sitting upright on the throne as if death hasn't denied its right to the throne. The head of the skeleton tilting upward with an air of arrogance. It holds a goblet in its left hand. The goblet is as big as two of your hands. And it is filled with fresh Halloween candy that is currently popular in town. A sign next to the goblet says, "Welcome adventurers, you've earned the treat. One candy per person is the key. Play no tricks or be beat." There is a long sword leaning next to the throne. It is beautiful with gleaming diamonds. What do you do?

If the players decide to play some tricks--such as knocking over the skeleton, stealing the beautiful long sword, etc.--then the skeleton will come alive as a mage and summon other skeletons. Please see the next section for details regarding the undead skeleton mage.

The candy is the key to getting out of the dungeon. Each character must take one and only one piece of the candy. It is ok to eat the candy. In that case, it is not possible to loose it. When the characters walk out of the host lair with candy each, they will be back in town, outside the door to the dungeon again. If the characters try the door again, they will find that door is locked. The town is still as feastive as usual.

However, if any character does not take a candy or loses the candy before walking out the door, the party will be back in the random dungeon room. They will have to find the host lair again to pick up their candy.

If any character decides to take more than one candy, then on the way out, the dungeon will become a lot harder. When generating random wandering monsters, the monsters' level will be the same as the highest level character in the party. If all of the characters are at the same level, then the armor-able monster are fully armored as well. Use the following chart to generate the exit route.

Roll Percentage Die (1D100)
1 - 20 Small Room (400 square feet)
21 - 40 Medium Room (900 square feet)
41 - 60 Large Room (1600 square feet)
61 - 80 Huge Room (2500 square feet)
81 - 100 Exit to Town