Cyno's Role-Play: Scenarios: Mystical Dungeon

Random Dungeon

After seeing the vanishing door, the characters should get the hint that this is truely a magical dungeon. As they go deeper into the dungeon, they will end up in a randomly generated dungeon room. They might chart their way through the dungeon. Let them. Sooner or later, they will realize that each room is randomly generated and that their map doesn't do them any good. Everytime the players enters a new room (even if they go back to the previous room), generate the room randomly as described in the next section.

Room Characteristics

Roll Percentage Die (1D100)
1 - 20 Small Room (400 square feet)
21 - 40 Medium Room (900 square feet)
41 - 60 Large Room (1600 square feet)
61 - 80 Huge Room (2500 square feet)
81 - 100 Host Lair (10000 square feet)

The room size, above, is specified in square feet so that you, the GM, can size its dimensions and height yourself to provide a real dungeon feel for the players. However, if you just want to run a simple game, without dealing with the room size details, you can use the following generic schart.

Roll Percentage Die (1D100)
1 - 20 Small Room (20' x 20')
21 - 40 Medium Room (30' x 30')
41 - 60 Large Room (40' x 40')
61 - 80 Huge Room (50' x 50')
81 - 100 Host Lair (100' x 100')

You are welcome to add additional room modification to make the dungeon more realistic. For example, bones, coffins, chasm, bridge, fireplace, cobweb, etc.

Wondering Monsters

Depending on which corridor the characters went through, the characters will encounter different set of wandering monsters. Use the table below to roll the type monsters for each corridor. The number of monsters is the same as the number of characters in the party. Monsters are the same level as the lowest level character in the party.

Roll Percentage Die (1D100)

Left Corridor
1 - 10 Centaur
11 - 15 Dragon
16 - 40 Goblin
41 - 60 Ogre
60 - 85 Orc
86 - 95 Troll
96 - 100 No Monster
Middle Corridor
1 - 20 Skeleton
21 - 40 Vampire
41 - 60 Winged Skeleton
61 - 75 Wraith
76 - 95 Zombie
96 - 100 No Monster
Right Corridor
1 - 20 Bear
21 - 40 Cougar
41 - 60 Lion
61 - 70 Python
71 - 80 Rattlesnake
81 - 95 Tiger
96 - 100 No Monster

You may equip the creatures as you wish, depending on the level of your playing characters. Some examples for level one characters: 1) equip the orcs with maces, chain mail armors, and metal helmet; 2) equip trolls with clubs, leather armors, and wooden shields.

Moving On

After dispatching the monsters and grabbing all the loot the characters could grab, they can decide to go down any of the cooridor in the room. If they choose to split up, simply make them all appear in the same new room again. Or you can play several variations at your descretion (see Advanced Rules for detail).

It is ok for the characters to rest in the dungeon. They can rest for as long as they want. Every eight hours, roll on the wandering monster chart.