Cyno's Role-Play: Scenarios: Mystical Dungeon

Undead Skeleton Mage

The undead skeleton mage has two professions: 1) necromancer; and 2) wizard. Each profession is at level 5. Upon reanimation, the undead skeleton mage will cast the "Summon Undead" necromancer spell to call for additional help. The undead skeleton mage's "Summon Undead" spell has a proficiency of 95%. After rolling the total undead summoned, divide them into several groups. Stagger the appearence of undead creatures groups. The undead creature groups will enter the room at a rate of once per minute (six combat turns).

The undead skeleton mage was actually a powerful wizard back when he was alive. He was a well-known and well-respected fellow in the town.

If any of the characters brings the wizard back to live (say, a resurrection spell, etc.), the wizard will be very grateful. And the wizard will bring the players back to town, destroy the mystical dungeon, and live out the rest of his life happily.